You are about to witness the first public XR tour in the world. To be a part of this his-storic moment follow Tom’s trail on the map. Once you arrive at the location, open the portal and let the magic out…

His Story Tour is an interactive XR application that allows users to experience the City of Zagreb how it once looked – through their own smartphones. His Story is a time machine! Welcome to his story, welcome to HISSTORY!

Through new interactive technologies and hyper-realistic 3D and AR animations, go on a walking tour, see what the world looked like in the past and listen to interesting stories from our digital guide Tom.


Meet Tom – our digital tour guide

Our guide Tom is a time traveler and has hung out with all sorts of historical greats, from Nikola Tesla to Saint George. Hisstory Tour is a new way of experiencing the cities you travel in – With a personal digital travel guide in your pocket. Visit Zagreb, Croatia and be a part of His Story!

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His Story Tour in short

The app works as a real-life tour guide. The app enables travelers to explore more about Zagreb through their phone's camera. Enhance your travel experience to Zagreb with our Tom's silly but true augmented reality stories, interactive maps and fascinating amount of historical data.

  • World's first public XR tour!

  • On-location application (must visit Zagreb to fully experience it).

  • 14 unique XR locations and stories.

  • Unknown facts about historical greats.

  • A revolutionary way of touring. With a personal guide in your pocket.

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Next time you tour the City of Zagreb, Croatia, with Hisstory Tour app you will never miss a fascinating place.

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